"Index Finger"

"Index Finger"
By Lynisha Arceus
My index finger
Is the same finger that pulled that trigger
To bust at that nigga
The same finger that pointed out that nigga
As he walks from the corner store
Arzone tea on his right
Holding onto his little girl
On her bike
I did not mean to hit his kid
The bultllet was for that nigga
I pulled that trigger
With intiotion of hitting that nigga
Now that pavement is covered
With blood
but not from that nigga
The nine trigger
Is covered with prints
(of my index finger)
The same prints that's match up
With an inmate in prison
Severing a life sentence
All of this cause I tried to end one nigga
I scan through the direction with my index finger
I was so in a rush to pull the trigger
That I miss read that bullte do not have belt in GPs
Now his little girl is laid to rest
Because my index finger
could not rest off the trigger
I'm severing a life sentcens
Metaly and physically
I put my index finger to my head
And pull the inmagnay trigger
Cause I should of been the nigga who's died
Not that little incent bystander
All of this cause of what my index finger did to that trigger


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