Indecent Whispers


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United States

In a swarm of scattered souls

Lie traveling whispers in our ears

And yet the decent one stands alone over there


And even from afar the whispers were clear

Whispers shouldn’t be that loud

No, whispers shouldn’t be that loud


As the words poured from his lips 

I could hear the dryness in his voice

For the indecently stands accompanied here


Among all the things dispersed figures could be

It is foolish to regard silence as one

Heavy voices flow roughly in the current


And although the decent one standing over there does not whisper lies

He stands alone

He is alone



High school can be one of the most difficult social experiences. Although I am not completely alone, I often feel this way in my mind. 

When writing this I tried to convey the truth of cliques and rumors in comparison to loners. The solitary ones are the good ones. 

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