Inbetween Me and You


You are hilarious, the joker, the funny one

the comic relief

Quips fall off Your tongue like water and raise off Your body like sunlight and You

the comedian

Take your throne as people fall in line around You, attracted to Your words

not your personality or, God forbid, your feelings

And at the end of the day You go home and You laugh at Your own jokes

and look at your phone as nobody answers, they never answer

And at the end of the day You sit in Your room and preen on Your throne

alone yet again

And at the end of the day You peel off Your skin and let Me out

and you are never really alone

And at the end all that is left is Me and the white noise

and the laughter echoing back at you

Before You put Me back in the back of Your mind

with the laughter and your feelings and the remnants of your personality and I

And You

And we laugh and laugh and it sounds like choked back sobs




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