The Impure Cycle

 What are lies? 
Lies are when a father leaves his wife and fabricates a promise to return to his weak young son,
Lies are when a weak boy leaves a naïve young girl when she is left undone.
Lies are when that young girl guarantees a great guy that she will not hurt him and gingerly clasps his heart and says she will handle with the most of care, 
Lies are when that same young girl betrays the boy who is in love with her, playing him like a strategic card game of solitaire.
Lies are when that guy start searching in the wrong places, wondering in the wrong crevices of his mind to anyone remotely similar to the girl that once broke his heart, 
The constant expedition to seek the one similar to "her", The one that could care less, the one that would hurt him over and over again- the one that will make him fall apart.
Lies are when he finds someone similar, puts his heart into something he knows will not prevail, when he gives her the control to overwhelm his mind, posses his thoughts... with no avail.
Lies are when crazy people are made, why therapists remain around, why serial killers are created, 
Lies are what make those once..lovers.. turn heartless instead. 
What are lies?
Lies are when the truth is shielded from being shown like the sun when it makes the accord to hide behind a curtain of stars, when we don't love...but make something ours. 


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