Approach the bottle lingering for hope

                Best to know now no one cares, here alone longing to cope

                Cutting deeper until no life holds

                Daring to press the trigger amongst your fragile body, dead and cold

                Every day is a struggle for each to hold on

                Feeling and yearning for the destine dream to be gone

                Good no longer holds their hands

                Hope of death is no longer as planned

                Isolated amongst this mental institution

                Just discovered our lust for death, hearts filled with confusion 

                Killing ourselves still remain

                Loving hearts praying for us to be tamed

                Moaning and crying to be loved

                Never experienced the freedom to fly like a dove

                Open wounds reveal my past

                Pressure to be perfect no longer last

                Quiet whispers set the night

                Restful souls, peace at sight

                Sights of love fill the air

                Tears fill my eyes as love does not confront thee without a care

                Under my fragile skin lies a lonely boy named Conner

                Vanessa and Tony found love for each other

                Wondering why I bother to live any longer, I still crave to die

                Xanax couldn’t complete what I desire, therefore I must do it myself to be still with no more cries

                    Yells and screams fill the air, as for I am gone now and all now suddenly care

                Zephyr fills the evening sky for now I am home

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