To Improve

Fri, 03/15/2019 - 16:33 -- Mathex


Lying down on the stiff hospital bed,

my mind is filling up with dread.

My parents around me, their support combating the unease,

although it is warming, I will face the mask alone- can I not please?


The nurses come in, they come to my arm, and use the cloth to cool a patch of skin.

I will need fluids for the procedure, so they must put the needle in.

The IV is set up, so the nurses wheel the bed into the hall,

they push me to the operating room, the mask is placed, I wish to bawl.


As the gas begins to flow, I try to keep calm, I’ve done this dance before.

But I can never keep my composure, as tears begin to take the floor.

I’ve lost track of how many procedures I’ve gone through so far in life,

but I never forget how to keep my courage, my parents taught me to fight.


With each procedure my cerebral palsy improved, I am so grateful for the doctor’s help.

 I show gratitude to the fear, for it taught strength, every time it caused my heart to yelp.


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