Impossibility IS An Impossibility


Statistically speaking; as a young African American Male, Society assumes

That I will be dead or in jail by 25, and on a more personal note;

The doctors told me I would never get to walk before I turned 5.

However, I stand before you today with a clean record

And no bullet wounds, still walking through Society’s desert raining down truth like a Monsoon.

I stand before you as a college student born and raised

On a street known for only producing killers, stealers, gangbangers

And goons.

I stand before you as a young man with a disability

Who’s more than aware of his abilities and refuses to accept

Any form of sympathy because I realized I am not my disability,

My disability is just a part of me.

I am not this Arthrogryposis, this Arthrogryposis

Is just a part of me.

I am not just what you see for what you see

Is only part of me because I remain the master of my own destiny,

I stand.

I stand as a living testament to one simple reality:

It is impossible for anything to be impossible, because with God

Anything and everything is possible.

Simply stated, impossibility is an impossibility 


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