Important, Insignificant, Extravagant, Ordinary.

Dreaming, wondering
The Girl who was always
That anything could happen.
That you could fall in love with anyone.
She always urged me to stand out, to
In myself and become all that I could be.
She says,
“That there is a world
Who waits for your awakening.
They wait for you to realize
That you are Important, Insignificant, Extravagant, Ordinary.
That you are part of a place
Where it’s really very big but yet very small.
Where you are more than the life you live.”
She looks at me with wide, twinkly eyes.
Is she me?
Or the opposite of me?
I’ll never know.
Or do I already know?
I want to
In her.
When she says to
I almost do.
I almost am the person who will never end her
Dreaming, Wondering,
In her own Important, Insignificant, Extravagant, Ordinary


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