Impetuous Battles

Sometimes the sunshine of a new day isn't enough 

to burn out the pain, anxiety, and sadness

from out deepest fears and worries.

Sometimes walking through the shadows and living in the dark

isn't enough to drown out the voices

of doubt and the feelings of depression.

How do we escape from the fight 

that dwells within so that we may

persue on a road embarking 

towards our destiny?

Or is the promise of a brighter tomorrow

forever lost in the blackness 

casted by night skies; 

just gasoline to the fire 

to further ignite our agitation?

Throughout ALL the horrific tension,

comes the power of the mind.

Mysterious and strong,

our torment is buried, forgotten.

But with the dark skies, cloudy and grey

to serve as a foundation for our depression,

comes a cleansing premise of rain

to personify our sadness.

Deep breath in.

Deep breath out.

The mind is POWERFUL

and we ARE in control

of the attitudes and mindset

we choose to exude onto the world.


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