This poem is about: 
Our world




We all have them whether we like it or not; most of the time we wish something were different about ourselves whether it be curly hair or freckles if we do not have them. Or making the same foolish mistakes we always make; the flaws on our skin as we pass by others with no visible flaws on their skin . We should Always remember we all have our own imperfections some are on the inside like having thoughts of not being pretty or smart enough…. Now really?!?! How can one define being pretty ? How can we define being smart enough? Yes, there might be people prettier or smarter than others but there is not a competition . Despite, What the world tells us we were meant to have imperfections . I believe that by accepting ourselves for who we are despite what we wish we look like or what the world wishes we look like we are then able to learn to embrace our imperfect vision of what the world wants you to look like so that we can see the most perfect version of ourself. With time we can learn to accept our flaws and accept ourselves for who we are.

I wrote this poem because as a High Schooler I struggled with seeing myself for who I am and not who others wanted me to be. I had flaws and still have flaws ; everyday isn't easy but it gets easier as I make it the best I can .

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