Imperfection With No Need For Correction

If I could change something about myself,

It would be nothing because I consider myself top shelf,

I don't think I'm flawless or I'm perfect with no defects,

But if you don't love yourself then you will always face a conflict,

No one's gonna tell you that you're great or that you're worth it,

No one else will you say that you're okay or that you'll make it,

Someone's always taller, maybe better, maybe fresher,

No one's ever standing there to give you a refresher,

But that's okay because you always shine in other ways,

But the only way to see you're great is to love yourself on every day,

I won't budge because someone judged or misjudged a smudge,

Instead I'll soak it up like a sponge and expunge negative thoughts that attempted to lunge at me while I'm young,

I may not be perfection, but I'm certainly in no need of correction,

To make inspection my dfections just add inflection to my reflection of complex complexions,

Self affection is the direction of my selection for a projection of rejection protection and positivity connection

No objection at every cross section of introspection and dissection of imperfection,

A redirection to ressurction of recollection of golden sections and disconnection of dissaffection is destined as demonstrated by this rhythem section,

So when given the question of what change would win the election,

With conviction I answer nothing, because I am imperfection with no need for correction. 


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