[Im]Perfection of America

  Perfection should not

            be searched for; uniqueness should

       die with its finding.


The above haiku I wrote years ago;

It is one that I have liv'd by.

America the great cannot be perfect

When that cannot be our ally.


Perfection takes grip of our mind and souls

Without care of its harm

It can tear apart a nation - a people -

A body, throat gripp'd firm


No, America could not be perfect with

Homelessness, hunger, and pride;

But if we believe ourselves to be unique

We can avoid demise


We need embrace our standings and strengths

Accredit Americans these,

But let us be humble, and recall our faults

May our oddities be appeased.


Our nation is not perfect, no doubt;

But our oneness be within, and our souls without.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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