"Imperfect Muse"

I am a muse in a room full of chaos. I am a wanderer in a world that has fallen and is completely lost. I am my own being surrounded by a vessel of nobodies. I feel so complete without the presence of unwanted company. I am a muse with an empty heart. I am shining in a room that is utterly dark. I am dancing in the distant but silent rain. I am competent and able to be free, where as they call me a fool and label me insane. I am a muse with a dark and shady past. I lust wholeheartedly and give myself too quickly in relationships that damage me and NEVER last. I am a passionate lover with a wild imagination. I portray the good girl but I always give into temptation. I am a muse that feels constant deep depression. I somewhat lack love and softness so I react on aggression. I been used and abused and beaten down to my lowest point. I have felt hate in my soul down to every muscle and joint. I am a muse of imperfection. I have endured heartbreak, pain and rejection. I am a muse because I have lost sight of who I am. Lowering myself constantly to please an unworthy, selfish man. I am a muse because I have fallen many times. But each day I regain my composure because one day there will be magic in my soul and I will be able to have a peace of mind. I am a muse because even though I am bruised, I refuse to be broken. I take my mistakes and setbacks as lesson, hoping in return I will receive life's token. And even though you see me as a muse of craziness or just plain odd...I AM HERE as a imperfect Child of God...

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