Imperfect Mortals


I have a bitter heart

I have been broken

and scarred.

But I am patched

Yet still sore.

It is not my fault

but at the same time it is.


To fall easily

is truly

the biggest mistake 

a person can make.


And yet it is done


   and over

          and even OVER again


Why do we not learn,

that to put one's heart

into the hands 

of another

Imperfect mortal

is truly the most careless thing

one can do.


But as I've already stated the obvious

we are ALL

very imperfect mortals.


Imperfection is what causes 

our unique quirks and

interesting characteristics

It is what makes our personalities 

truly ours

and because of our imperfections

we are lovable in weird ways

and because we are mortals

we are stupid

and fall for every single god damn

one of them.



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