The impact of words

Words of poetry shine  bright to form,

a light on this troubling world.


make it beautiful and display your dignity and pride,

for we are judged by the outside.

Hot rather mild 

A black man is only acknowledged by his criminal file.

Sing with confidence for our race,

will i be murdered by the colour of my face?

Sealed lips and frightened eyes,

gun shots were their misfortune in disguise.

Recreate! Reborn!

for our nation shall be prosperous

not TORN!

Blood shed and devastating mothers,

 will the next victim be my brother.

Insults should not be words

Doubts should not be thoughts

Why is violence perceived as our fault?


would have protected you and me

and would allow us to breathe free.

Lost lives cant be directed back

but is persecution really equal to black?

Mommy would have been proud of me, 

if she lived to see

me fighting for social justice through poetry.



This poem is about: 
My country
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