Writing in short form.

Hidden details embedded in each stanza. 

The flow of words from




and the imagery you can convey

from a simple dainty word placed upon

a paper doily in your grandmothers kitchen.

Personification, simile, alliteration.

all used in sequence to push along a story 

like a freight train flying forward from station to station.


Each part like the pieces in an unfinished puzzle

until you read it in just the right way.

Walking alone, cold and dark

not warm and bright.

Backwards is different than it was the first time.


Each form from old verses

about trees, plants  and flowers

made in ancient Japan.


To new ones that rhyme

each stanza and line

throughout, the whole time


Bring me to wishing i could write so much more.

The power behind words.

They're given new meaning

An impactful way of speech designed

With rhythm

And beat.


Thats whats special to me.


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