Immortal Wildfire

A wildfire of a soul--entrapped by glass of reality.

Ferociously burning, in which drains for all eternity.

This is passion.

My passion. 


Dived into this world, with sheer curiousity and creativity.

Met by eyes that pierce the fire--full of spite and cold. 

hsssss~ The drops of judgement sizzle. 

The flames recline.

I still resist. 


The drops rain harder, soon buckets.

Other flames screech,


shun to survive.

They see me and pour

Right down to the core. 


More. They want more. 

They desire more passion.



It hurts.

It's excruciating.


It's nothing.

I take a breath, and my flames revitalize. 


Nobody takes my passion away from me.

I'll paint the world with my fire. 

I'll paint them a story carved in stone.

As I entrap their judgements and create a world.

A world where I don't care what you think. 

A world that sets us all free. 


While the judgements quarrel

I stand silent, smiling.

Waiting for opportunity--this opportunity to entrap you in my mind.

There is my world, spun from creativity and curiousity

An immortal  passion that yearns to burn. 

An immortal wildfire that burns with you. 




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My community
Our world
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