Smile at the Russian man who talks kindly of his home land
Laugh with the German girl who walks with an American
Shake hands with the French man who will learn English in time
Wave at the Canadian it was fine when he crossed the line

Yell at the Indian tell him to go back to his country
Scream at the Mexican stop taking our money
Growl at the Asian who dares to speak their language
Sneer at the African even if their an American

Land of the free and home of the brave

Maybe the brave but not the free

Trial unless you pay the fee

Everyday we look at that flag

Liberty and justice for all

But only for a population so small

Actually gets that part in the allegiance

The rest of us pay our grievance


13 stripes

7 red 6 white

I have to know that to earn my right

While the people born here don't know a damned thing

About the ground under their feet while letting freedom ring

I have to name the president's all in order

Just to safely cross the border

From one nation to another


How does wearing a headscarf make me the enemy

Just thinking that way makes you discriminating

Unless I have blond hair and blue eyes

In that case everything's fine

Because having dark skin dark eyes

Makes you not want to realize

That I'm a human too and I earned my right

To come to this country that I now call my own

And come to this country that we both call our home


All my life I've dreamed the American dream

How it would be

How it could be

And I'd dream

Yet, a nation built on immigrants from every single land

Won't even call the Natives an American
Laugh at our accents because you think it's funny
But why don't you ask yourself who really built this country

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My country
Our world
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