Immigrant to A Native, but both are Citizens


United States
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I am a Jamaican.
You are a African American.
I walk down a path unknown,
You walk down a path unknown.
I am hot and sweaty in the sun, You are hot and sweaty in the sun.
I stop and buy a bottle of water, you stop and buy a bottle of water.
We being to walk again.
We enter into the building, and we sit
Our names are called.
You enter one door, and I enter another.
When we exit the building, you are filled with sorrow, grief, and anger; but i am filled with joy, praise, and excitement.
You look upon and spit on the ground I prance upon…. What changed?
Were you not the same brother that walked where i walked?
Bought where I bought?
Drank what i drank?
Were we not connected?
Were we not one?
No we were not, because if we were, you would not blame me for you denial of a job you say I,
An Immigrant
took from you, but are we not one? Are we not equal? Are we both not Citizens of America?
Where lies this invisible line of disconnection, between an Immigrant and a Native?
We are both citizens….

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Just because i came from another country doesn't mean i am not equal to the native of that country, especially in American

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