Immigrant in a country of hate

Wed, 03/09/2022 - 17:09 -- xerash

When did America decide outsiders were bad? They themselves were once outsiders. Maybe that is why. They think we are like them. In reality we are just trying to find our place in this country. We are in a new country that doesn't want or like us. The only reason they let us in is because we will do all their dirty work, and we will do it well. The second we mess up, the second we slip up, everything we have done in this country is destroyed. Our well being depends on strangers' beliefs. Hoping that they will let us stay. Children in school being told not to talk about their culture “do not show you are not a true american”. They ask us to hide ourselves, yet teach our culture in class. They say you can not stereotype us, yet we are classified as criminals and aliens. Americanized so we will be safe(ish). 

As a white immigrant I can see people change. They show me their true beliefs then ask why I do not trust them. They do not think I see how the cop's hand slowly reaches for his gun. The shift in his ways, all respect out the window. They do not think I see the looks I get when I do not speak english. They do not think I see their faces of disgust when I eat non-American food. They do not think I know what they mean when they ask me where I am from. They do not think I see them pull their kids away from me. They think I am oblivious. They think that they can treat me however they want because I am an immigrant and I am too thankful that they allowed me to be in this country to care.

Does learning a new language not count? Does learning a new trade not count? I once had a teacher say immigrants are stupid and just came to america to steal hand outs. My father doesn't get handouts. He is working to his death so he can stay afloat. We do not get handouts. My father said that our safety nets are our own hands. We can not trust anyone else to help us up because the American Government doesn't care about people like me. They do not care if we  fall and cannot get up. We are all alone in this strange country. The education you got before you immigrated doesn't count. It wasn't american. You do not matter because you are not american. They only care about when you can give the government. If you can farm, build, cook, or teach you are “welcome”. Just do not mess up.


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