Immaculately Flawed


United States
36° 14' 0.24" N, 88° 36' 52.1424" W

I'd rather my mirror speak truth than lies

When a reflection meets my eyes

Rather be an elder at my final hour

Than a newly sprouted flower

Better to be tattered and worn

Than word left unsworn

From my eyes to me

I see victory

Bereft of insecurity

Fully embracing the beauty of thee

Whom I shall be for all eternity

I am more than skin, flesh, bone, blood

My true beauty lies within

I love myself

It is not a sin

Flawed on the skin?

I may be

Scars and scratches others may see

These imperfections set me apart from the rest

I'll admit

To accept this truth has been a great test

But from this day forth

I shall walk with my head held high

To defeat me will take more than a judging eye

No matter what others may say

I am proud to be me

Nappy hair

Bony knees

Take me as I am

As I will always be








I love this! Great writing! 

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