imagine this

Imagine this,

A 13 year girl walks down to get the mail

Her head hanging low

She looks through the letters and sees

“Growing Confidence.”


Me? A pageant girl?

I’m shy

I can’t get on a stage in front of an audience

I can’t fit in

But “Growing Confidence?”


Confidence is what she needed

And she knew it

So she took a risk

She faced her fears

And she fell on her face


But nothing could stop her from trying again

She had set a goal

And she was going to accomplish it

Each year she was better and better

Each year she was more confident


And then it happened

July 15th, 2018

National American Miss Oklahoma Teen

Her goal was accomplished

Her fears were overcome


She is now a confident young woman

She is unafraid to be herself

She keeps striving for success

She holds her head high

Imagine this.



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