Imagine you wake up after a full night’s sleep

Feeling as if you got no sleep at all.

Your joints ache and creak.

You can barely walk out of your bedroom.

You sit around your house all day,

Due to a severe lack of motivation to do anything else.

You feel guilty

But your guilt doesn’t trump your exhaustion.

Yes, you’re exhausted after just an hour of being awake.

And last night? You got 12 hours of sleep.

Oh, and you get exhausted just by being around people.

A late night party can immobilize you for days.

“But you don’t look sick.”

It’s time to go to bed again.

You’re so exhausted.

You lay your head down,

But it takes you an hour or more

To fall asleep.

You wake up countless times during the night.

In pain.

And you wake up in the morning

After a full night’s sleep

Feeling as though you got no sleep at all.

This is my life.

I don’t complain

Because I don’t care.

It’s a part of me.

It is me.


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