Imaginative Life

100 days in a month
Time never seems to fly
Close my eyes and make a wish
Then bury the star

10 feet under the sun
Floating under weather
Clouds in my way, can’t see a thing
I’d much rather be blind

1 too true to give away
The first belongs to the last
Memories in an unlocked box
Hidden in a submarine

200 words in every thought
Mind cluttered with nothingness
Empty pages threaten certain death
No one left to write

20 months in every hour
No one seems to know
Everyone is too busy to care
There’s nothing here

2 times 2 equals forecast
The sun’s about to die
Good bye moon, goodbye stars
Floating into the bliss

Numbers measure out our world
Guesswork by what makes sense
But what if logic isn’t important
Why not imagine instead?

There can be 100 frogs for every fly
200 minutes in every day
20 equals 2 packs of 10 bucks
2 times 1 is all it takes to fall in love

Nothing could be the best of all
For in nothing everything is left to want
The poor they have it
The rich they need it
And you will die if you ever eat it
And dreams survive cause there’s nothing left
To kill the inspiration that gave to them birth
Imagination is the lock that no key can ever open
Inside the imagination, you’ll find
Everything you’ve never wanted.

The riddle’s in the rhyme,
The magic in the time,
The mystery in the imagination,
The imagination in the dream
All locked up without a key
Deep down somewhere inside of me.


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