Imagination is Key

Tue, 07/02/2013 - 08:30 -- Jaelenn


The Imagination is the key, to ones true self.

Seeing the colors of a rainbow in different hues,

The Imagination is the key, to one’s true self.

Seeing the colors of a rainbow in different hues,

Counteracts the feeling of boredom.

Mind bottling, trapped in a container as commoners maintain the status quo of a normal life.

Normality is irrelative to life theory of Relativity.

For us humans are 5th dimensional thinkers,

of 4th dimensional possibilities,

living in a 3-dimensional world,

with simple 2-dimensional thinkers.

There are more than 2 sides to every thought,

but there is only 1 you that can create that thought.

Imagination is the key, life is the door, and your own worries are the lock,

It holds you back from you potential.

Like an ever green, you don't change your true colors as they are yours alone.

No one else’s.

Your thoughts can fall and hit harder than a frozen pine cone in the dead of winter.

No it's not lost it's just another part of your mind that's left a mark,

one that has fully changed the area around you.



I love this, imagination is what keeps us alive, what keeps the human race going. Wow

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