Hearing your shallow footsteps walk deeper and deeper in the slums of your mind. where everything goes.

Opening those big doors triggered a color blast! You try to run away, but it becomes you; you get sucked in. You are scared for your life you've never been here before.

Every corner, every block is a different color. You continue walking. Trying to find a way out. You hear people. They paint and dance and play. Weird. You start to run, hoping no one sees you. 

You leave the slum city feeling safer. You find a bus stop bench and sit on it. The bench felt wet, like unfinished paint. You jump up realizing the bench is now a different color. A bus pulls up in front of you. You run on. 

"Get me out of here!" You tell the driver. The seats are glowing, and every person on that bus was a different hue. You scream and fall on the floor. The slums were taking over. You're turning. Your clothes changed from black to orange. You scream even louder when you notice your pale hand turning a faint orange. 

A purple hand touched your shoulder and you gasped, afraid of what is about to happen to you.

"Welcome to your imagination." She smiled.




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