Imaginary Lover.....

He's been seeing this special girl for a while now,
she makes him feel the way a real women couldn't do,
He'll never physically be able to hold her, or miss her, or  maybe even kiss her,
cause during the nighttime,
when his eyes close she comes alive, her beauty and personality are on a level that's unreal,
and those times when they can vibe in his mind are the best,
She’s playing with his heart, putting his mind to the test
And little does he know that his heart has turned cold and he’s selling his whole soul to someone he’ll never know

He needs help
But who the hell would put up with this?
Rejecting real life love for a paranormal chick
Not only that, he’s in a world of his own
Full of deep and dark shit, like an underground song
And the only light is this chick that he’s willing to love
And now he’s saying he doesn’t wanna wake up.

What can you do? Tell him that he’s wrong?
That this real love was fake all along?
Do you understand why he’s the way that he is ?
He been broken so many times that he can't resist.

He's be through all of the "I want you backs"
"you're a really great guy but I can't get attached"
Then she gives another nigga all the love he had
Making him mentally unstable and his heart go bad

Cause each time he goes back in a daze
His mind stuck in a maze
And the only thing he craves
Is this women that's fake
Cause his heart can't take
Another break from these cold cold girls
In this cold cold world
So he doesn't want a girl,
except the one in his dreams,
but he wants to see her for the rest of the time,

And now she's telling him, "baby just give up on this life, and be with me,
I see the pain in your eyes and it makes me wanna cry,
I just want you forever, why can't you just die?
You'll be able to see me all the time and never open your eyes"

Now he's sitting on his bed,
tear in his eye,
.22 sitting on his thigh, thinking lord why?
"this is what I gotta do to have this perfect girl right?"
His hand slowly tightens the grip,
the gun slowly rises from his thigh
1 shot fired. And blood rushing from his head
police report a note that was sitting on his bed,
saying "don't even bother, I wanna be dead"

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Our world
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