Imaginary Consolation

A shadow appeared

The fatal apparition

In my dream

A corrupted echo


Her hands were steady

Calm and ready

For night’s return


Cut my heart

With blind perfection

Of cold sterility

Cut from ice


She wore her virtue

With partial intention

From modest dignity


Catch a wink

But never blink

She might disappear

Catch fitter entertainment


Before her was life

Vanishing into brightness

Having no hindrance


Drink a round

Amused and crowded

Keep your wits

Drink another round


Pictures capture little fairness

Tranquil, lacking fragrance

Distorted by conceit


Falling over steps

Into parasitic memory

Fighting against currents

Falling beyond limitations


Faint breathing, heart beating

Vast rhythms uninterrupted

Known, never felt


Take a step

On the grounds

Your ghost awaits

Take with vanity


There she flies away

Off towards gravity

Where wings transcend


This ghost appeared

In my dream

A bitter friend

This monster, me


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