Thu, 07/31/2014 - 01:59 -- wstormy
You see me and you laugh
Even my mother calls me ugly
You say that it is no place for a woman 
You do not accept me
So I have tried to hide
Escape into my own world
One with music, filled with passion and emotion
One where I am recognized for my beauty
Yet it is not filling
I strive for a deeper connection
Acceptance for who I am
A loving compassion
I try
Yet, in most eyes I fail
You try to pretend you do not care, but you do
But you let me be
To deal with the events that have occurred
You thought I might break
Happy in the world I HAVE CREATED
Done with trying to be the cookie cutter image that you have given me
That the world has given me to fit into
I do not fit this image
I am different
I am beautiful 
I have soul
I have become strong because of you
To battle your evil, your disapproval, your abuse
In my mind I am fine and that is all that matters
My image is fine, and I am happy
Because as I die laughing
No one's image will matter


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