I'm writing this to win.

No contest!

No seriously, this is not a contest. 

I am entering a random drawing 

by adding my thoughts and words in exchange for money.

They are taking away this poem from me as if it were there own, in exchange for a chance to win $1,000

Minus tax.


I hope I win, I need the cash.

But guess what?

This is a random drawing.


Too bad the poem is not judged on quaility. 

Too bad I can't submit a good one.

Too bad they would accept anything here.


This is truly no contest.

I could have written something bad:

"I am blue, I am two, I am me, and you are you."

I could have written something sad:

"The wind may cry Mary, but I cry for you, my sweet sweet Sira."


But this is not a contest.




I hope this poem makes you all feel fuzzy ;)

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