I'm Still Me, Mum


United Kingdom

this life

it’s jovial, isn’t it ?


sprouted with his anger, his disbelief, his lack of acceptance

but her

her i relied on. poor timing, Care not-needed for her at that moment perhaps, the Care was needed from me


and her acceptance

i got it then and there

that year or the following one perhaps


and his

it came

first a stream, a trickle of being

then a gushing geyser

it came

he came-



but now her

her again

all my reliance

in her, from the beginning

from the stream




his sprouted anger wasted

for her sprouting sorrow only grew in my-ignorance

oh maybe not ignorance

as so much

a lack of acceptance


that’s irony


for now she cries, she weeps, she mourns

‘that daughter is a son’

and i tell her moreover

i haven’t changed

same personality, same likes and dislikes, same star sign, same ‘humour’

but here comes the lack of acceptance


and so i whisper

into the night

aim at my now grey-walled room

i haven’t changed

but she’s made me doubt it now

i know i have not

but her perspective

change yes


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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