I'm Sorry

I`m Sorry

Humans forgets

Like a wild warthog

When they go yonder

Forget days of yore

Become wont of the silence



The `ebb and flow of time

Provokes them to remember

Now choose recompense

That looks different from agate

Trying to please the psycho


With blames on their souls

In fine

To imperially confess

The new salient ignorance

Parochially campaigning

For a great sorry


I wish the Ravens of yore

Would show up to claim how


That sorry might be


I still want to whisper

Err is to human

So i, and am sorry




My soul and being

Cherish the words and meanings

For if `sorry` would

And I know it will

Stop a negative redress

Ask your pretty heart

For a sincere `sorry`




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