I'm sorry

I'm sorry I'm insane I'm sorry I'm not good enough I'm sorry that I apologize for everything I can't help it I feel that you deserve better than me Please forgive my thoughts I can't control them they run rampant they control me Please love me I'm so sorry I'm desperate I've been left in the dark for so long your the first thing I've seen in the light in a long time Just please don't leave me I know I'm insane I know I'm a wreck I know I'm a lot to handle just please don't leave me here alone I'm sorry I break everything I'm sorry I can't function I'm sorry I'm a disappointment I'm sorry I'm not happy I'm sorry I hate myself I'm so sorry that I live in the dark I'm so sorry I can't see the light  I'm sorry I want to be dead I'm sorry I want to feel the blade across my wrist I'm sorry I want to see the blood run from my skin I'm sorry the thoughts in my head are going to kill me I can feel the kiss of death against my skin as I drag the blade down my arm I'm sorry I'm insane I'm sorry I'm not good enough I'm sorry I wasn't happy I'm sorry I'm dead 

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