I'm So Flawless


What makes me Flawless is my Confidence

I'm so Flawless I'm up for this.

Taking my dreams by storm and not letting anyone or anything

knock me down with this.

What makes me Flawless is my personality 

I will confort anyone around me. I know where I'm going in Life and what's behind me. 

It's not about where we came from it's about were we're going. 

As strong individuals Flawless young women should set these examples.

What makes me Flawless is my work ethic.

I will focus on how to get me to the next level. 

I will not settle for less. I will not settle at all.

I will soon help young girls feel the same towards life.  

Flawless Beauty with there head held High. 

What makes me Flawless is my Feminist

To seek opritunities and establish education for women.

I will one day be honored.

This is all apart of my vision.

Loosing isn't a option.




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