Im Screwed


United States
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I’m screwed in the head
Trust me its not a dread
It’s better than having my life in a bed
I would never choose to have that instead

I was born with a brain tumor
Some thought it was just a rumor

I suffered seizures
I had to go through so many procedures
So many MRI’s, all I needed was believers

I was sent to Yale
The air was stale
At seven I didn’t weigh much on the Scale

It’s because I knew I was going under
I didn’t want to steal the surgeons thunder
He was a Yale Surgeon, how old he was I wonder

Eight hours of surgery, Tumor there was no more
I have screws and scars on my head, but without that Id be a bore
My surgery I will never abhor

My life was saved
Though I behaved
As if I was so brave

I see myself as smart
I view it as an art
I knew at seven it was just a start
To my life as being a big part

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This poem is about me as a child and what I had to go through

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