"I'm Perfection"


Flaws are Less than what I am.

What I am defies the laws--

that entrap me when I'm caught,

enslave me when I've stopped,

because I've been chasing my life away to a dead end-


         -stop and extend.


Without knowledge, without truth, flaws fall far from fetching what I desire.

So why do I see them every time I admire-

myself, in the mirror of my pretension?

Why does it keep happening in succession?

All this comparing will keep me from my progression-

into becoming something greater,

something better than just being flawless

something called- perfection...


But it does not stop there-

No, I must extend further

to the place of the Father

who created me in His image,

and made me with less flaws than His perfection--

But, because I’m a mere woman

with my own “purpose”, I search deeper

but only scratch the surface,

of His divine plan.


So, without further ado,

I introduce you to a new idea,

a novel insight,

something you can choose to live by

or cast away into the ocean skin-deep.

It’s called the falsity of “lawful imperfection”:

the thoughts that we are supposed to be challenged by our imperfections.

The truth- if you want to hear it-

is that we are defined by our spirit.

Because if you take a second look, you’ll see, 

that when you see the imperfections

what you are really seeing is-


 “I’m perfection."


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