I'm That One Bulb on a String of Lights That Goes Out and You Can't Stop Looking At.


I am not oh-so-beautiful

I am no princess in truth

I haven't a drop of royal blood

Nor silver save my filled tooth


Perhaps one may overlook me

Give me not a chance

God knows I don't sing heavenly

No boys ask me to dance


I cannot paint a fresco

I cannot tickle the keys

I cannot direct the perfect scene

Nor channel new personalities 


While I admit to all of the above

And do so shamelessly

I know I've got some beautiful words

And they go with my humorosity


I can make some people laugh

And I can make them cry

I can tell them how I've felt

And they'll understand why


I can weave you stories

And even make them rhyme

And I can keep up to any beat

Never losing time


If you'll just listen close

And maybe tap your paws

You'll see that I am flawless

Despite all of my flaws





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