I'm not sure


United States
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i'm not sure He'd hate me if I told one lie
Stole one thing
Judged one person
Or hugged one guy

i'm not sure He's real and sees everything
Has heard every word
Felt every sorrow
Or has ignored everything

I feel confused
Unsure of my existance
Not sure if it's worth it
To pray
Go to church
Or praise his name

But i am sure I will lead a good life
weather He knows or not
Fight the good fight
Regardless if He knows it's been fought

Treat others the way you want to be treated
Is what every Religion teaches
Atheist or not, you believe this

Although I'm not sure if He exist
I will gladly believe He, or She, or It does
But, untill I see... Them
I'm an unsure human being
I always was



I like this poem!

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