Im not sorry mom

I'm sorry I have disappointed you, mom
You think it was so sudden like a bomb
It wasn't for me
And that I can guarantee
I have taken time to know for sure
That I don't need a cure
Love is not a choice
And I will not let you stop my voice
I used to hate who I was because of you
But now I am no longer blue
I hope you wish to still be in my life this day
But I will not change to make you stay
I'm sorry you are disappointed with who I love
But I am not sorry mom because love is love

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This poem is about me growing up in a homophobic family and learning to love myself and knowing that there is nothing wrong with who I am. I used to be homophobic so realizing that I myself am lesbian was really hard, I went through a really dark time where I wanted to kill myself, I was lucky enough to find friends who loved me for who I was and helped me to accept myself and know that I deserve better.

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