I'm Not Sexy

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 19:39 -- lumisix


You're not sexy.

You don't know how to be sexy. 

I don't know how to be sexy. 

So I'm standing there in my underwear as he stares me up and down and with a straight face no emotion or love in his ways says you don't know how to be sexy. 

Every intention of hurting my feelings.

You don't know how to turn me on.

So I don't know how to be sexy?

When you look at my breast and call them itty bitty and entertain yourself with the fact that they are not large and my insecurities pour out of my eyes without a word being said.
So I may be the CEO and founder of the itttt bitty titty committee So you may not be able to play with them as you can with other women. They don't swell as large, they don't really bounce , they're not much fun to stimulate. 

If you even knew how to stimulate me. 

what you don't understand is that I wasnt made that way because my heart is so much bigger than my breast. And I couldn't have been blessed with the two. 
And if I were you id choose the lather of the two because your sexual stimulation is temporary. Your aim should be permanent to the heart. Stimulate it with sincere words and it will swell. Look into my eyes with passion and love and my heart will bounce right into you. But you wouldn't know that because you're so caught up pointing out my insecurities.

So I'm slim. 
I'm not today's image of a curvy thick model. I don't fit into the mold and I don't have meat for you to grab and ravage at. You may see my collar bone and my knuckles will sure as hell hurt in a childhood hand game. 

It does not make me weak. 

On the contrary I was blessed with long bony fingers that will trace up and down your face and body as it creates a permanent map in my mind. So that even with eyes closed I can navigate and explore you. Heightening every sensation of what it is like to love something so much so that your hands alone can sculpt the beauty that they have touched. 

I don't have thick thighs to cushion your body as it presses against mine. My legs were created so that I could run. Run to get away or run to save others, run to save you. Either way each step they take on this concrete world we live in is thought through for you, for others, for me for my family. Causing the earth underneath me to tremble as it understands that this body of mine is filled with so much passion, love, and strength that it can displace it out of its orbit. 

My derrière is a little large and that may be the only thing you find attractive. This was given to me on purpose for the amount of times that I fall and must pick myself up. Mistakes I make every day and will continue to make throughout my lifetime but that cushion was placed in order for me to bounce back. And certainly enough, I sure as hell do. 

My lips are not full and luscious. They're plain and thin and mine. Seductive words do not fall out of them. As a matter of fact not many things that I feel pour out of them. As they are not strong enough to speak my thoughts. So I write what I feel and I hope that my voice is able to carry the messages that my body and heart have constructed on a sheet of paper. And when they part I hope that people can hear what my soul is aching to communicate. But I digress, envelop these same thin lips with yours and everything I could not say would come crashing into you. 

So I'm not sexy. 

But I will tell you this, if you ever took the time to stimulate not my body but my heart, my mind. Dive into my bottomless mahogany eyes you would find something far more than sexy. Cause you to burst within at the seams. If you were able to fully capture me I would be everything you ever wanted. But you didn't, so I wasn't, and therefore to you, I will never be sexy. 


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