I'm not perfect


I know i am not the perfect girl
Messy hair and no make-up on
In my simple clothes i twirl
Going, nope! my mind is gone :)
Hair ties, sneakers, jeans, a t-shirt
Things that i put on every day
No made up eyes used to flirt
Only me and that is A okay 
The guy who loves me doesnt care
Because he knows that im not
Everyone who goes everywhere
Putting on make up and what-not
Embrace who you are and
Reach for the true you
Found my heart in my hand
Everything in my power, i do
Care for the ones i love
Try to help who i can
Be like a pure, white dove
Used, and so quickly i ran
Through and strait into your arms
Here im perfect and unbroken
Even when others intend to harm
Doing this for you will be my token
Only you will have my affection
Night and day until the end
Tonight you will be my protection
Cant you see i don't pretend?
Always know that i care for you
Ready to follow and obey you
Every single day...I love you.


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