im not perfect

Sorry I wasn't cut from a silk scarf Sorry that I grew up in the projects with roaches n rats Niggas selling dope to my momma flexing their yard pecks I'm sorry I was born to 2niggas n not no riccan or white man. So my hair ain't long enough to blow in the wind I apologize for being touched at 6 n almost rapped by 9 I fault back that time n I think it save my life I'm sorry for not noing how to say no to drugs n all I ever heard was the hoes hoe quote in my ear "closed legs don't get fed" N yes I was breed to be a theral bread I apologize for lying so much but that was the only way I could hide the truth that was so wrong in my life I'm sorry it took me so long to really grow up But I had to be my mom n my man was my dad when the streets was my home So I see how the wemon who ate with silver spoons and had their own rooms n is nothing like me become wifey I understand our lives come from to different ends So don't judge me for who I be I can call u bougie n stuck up cuz you stear with ur head high walk with a switch talk properly n wear clothes that ain't never got a glitch Yup I wear tims n nikes rock white tee's saw hella weaves n smoke mad trees Yes that USE to be me Nown ima an old girl with a new look at life I apologize for all the wrong in my life that I'm tring to make right so if u gonna tell me u love me "take me as I am or have nothing at all" take me flaws n all


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