I'm not important yet

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 19:03 -- sam_ore


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I write because I want to feel important

I don't do it so I can look sophisticated or mysterious

I know that I'm not an individual. I know I'm not special. That's harsh reality and I've faced it.

But writing makes me believe, for a brief moment, that I matter in the universe; that I'm more than just a speck on this floating rock in a giant clusterfuck that is existence.

I write because I want to matter. Every songwriter, rapper, poet, author; every writer I'm a fan of has influenced me in one way or another.

To me they are important. There are 7 billion people breathing on the planet and hundreds of millions more who aren't. But out of all those people, the songwriters, rappers, poets, and authors have mattered to me. They stood out and molded me into who I am. These are important people.

Why do I write? I write because I want to emulate my influences. I imagine that one day, a miracle will take place and someone will take this poem and think of me when songwriter, rapper, and poet come up.

I know that this may never happen, but I imagine it and I write what I want because what I have to say will matter to someone.

I'm not an individual. There are people out there exactly like me, and what I say matters to them as much as it matters to me. I have the means to say my mind and it is a crime if I do not serve as a voice for those like me.

If someone can reflect over my writing, cry over it, quote it, yell it at the top of their lungs, I will be happy because I actually mattered to someone. 7 billion people on this planet and counting, and I stood out and inspired someone, bettered someone, amused someone. I actually mattered. I am more than a speck. I am not insignificant.

I write because all I can leave on this world is my words. And if I don't try to leave a mark on someone, the universe wins. It makes me insignificant. 

I write to win. I write to earn signifigance.


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