I'm Not Here

I am here,

In this classroom,

Desk wedged hard into my back,

Eyes straining, struggling, striving to stay open,

Teacher’s monotone lecture filling the air,

But missing my ears.


I am here,

But my mind is far away,

Roaming the landscapes of my dreams and desires,

Making lists of things to-do,

And rummaging through my current struggles.


I am here,

But I want to engage,

I want to explore, learn, and debate,

I want to examine the properties of various minerals,

Instead of staring at them in a book.

I desire to debate over the effects of Obamacare,

Instead of reading a printed, bias article.


I am here,

And I am willing to learn,

T o expand my knowledge,

 But the bored administrator’s lesson,

And the tired words of a textbook,

Let my mind slip into the abyss of my imagination,

Where I am free to live and connect and discover.


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