I'm Not Black

I’m not black, but I see you.

I see the that you are tired of innocent black men and women being killed. I see that you’re tired of being unheard and unlistened.

I’m not black, but I hear you. I hear your cries and pleas for justice for not only George Floyd, but for the entire black community.

I’m not black, but I mourn with you.

I mourn with you as you grieve over your loved ones, family, and friends and other victims who went through this.

I’m not black, but I see the injustice that you face daily.

I see the injustice of other people calling the cops for no reason at all, being followed by someone in a store, or even being targeted or threatened for your skin color.

I’m not black, but I see your fear for your sons and even your daughters. I see the fear of letting your children go outside because they might end up being in jail or dead.

I’m not black, but I will stand with you.

As an Asian-American, I will use utilize my platform to spread awareness.

We can’t let another death go unpunished. We can’t let another innocent black person’s death be on the news.

We can’t let this keep happening.


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