I'm measured by how much

I'm measured by how much I check a screen

looking to see likes, reblogs, and shares
and for what- the indication that i'm worth someone's time.
that im worth the effort of a two second like on facebook and instagram.
Its with this baseless point value system that has us taking selfies spontateously- because apparently, 
anytime we look devilish or hot, its the time for a photo op.
I post a pic and seconds pass by
soon minutes and hours clock in 
and I second guess my beauty
with no assurance because now I'll start to feel like a has-been
We are so dependent on how others perceive us
we have completely objectified ourselves in a brand of media where the most important people are the Kardashians and Beiber
everywhich way I look, I see girls and boys copying this form
and I wonder since when has duck faces been the fad
since when has caking yourself with foundation- the ideal.
Now I have to look layers deep to find a 'real' person 
the blame goes to myself included
I cant' say I haven't angled my phone
or purse my lips in a certain direction
to get feedback from a crowd
the same photo-shopped filters create this obsession
but I'm done with pretending
for I'm much more than a painted face
a unique body with shapes and curves that belie the truth of what the internet sees
Yes, I'm a girl with glasses and I'm clumsy
I'm brown and I'm proud,
There's no need for this so called perfection
deemed as whitewashing.
Looking through the lens of my own self,
you see that I am perfect for me. 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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