I'm me but different

Sat, 11/11/2017 - 11:22 -- kymonae

I am me the girl that seems unspokened but you would rather say my mind,my feelings, and my heart is unbrokened, the superior one who relates herself to someone else who goes around knowing the feelings she has felt as it crumbles to it's feet and finds its way to melt, the girl who has been known to be silenced but somehow changed to make herself and the outside of her violent, her inside beauty being taken advantage of and stepped on while her outside beauty seems to overtake her into evilish ways that's why she picks out her better days so that people who isolate her would feel more amazed, she covers herself so that people want see the truth that is beyond all measures but it always ends up to be other people's treasure, the girl that is seen to people as different, the girl that is seen to be her, the girl that is takened but somehow makes herself and her body more awakened, her nervousness inside her and her adrenaline outside her why can't you seem to understand is it because of your ignorance and your too much of arrogance that make you unaware of the things you have not yet seen that will make your heart light up into little beams but I hope it wouldn't turn you into a person that accepts bad things, is it your pride that you cannot hide or is it your precise beloved one who would make you feel as if your hands and feet were more tied, to you have I changed or should my whole self be rearranged, the people who lack empathy but I would advise you to pay attention and open up yourself to give at least some sympathy, the girl who is one of a kind, the girl who doesn't stress herself that will put her into some kind of bind that will screw up the inside of her and change her intelligent mind, who are you, who am i, are you nobody too or am I being too delusional too realize I am somebody too, I'm different, I'm me, I'm awokened, but not brokened, I'm shakya philson.

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