I'm Life Itself

I'm life decisions, I mutate like a virus
that affects everyone who living.
I sometimes feel like a genius
who invented the formula to wisdom.
I made my choice to not act blindly in front of fear,
and God made his choice with
makings mankind that he holds dear.
The oxygen that you breathe in is actually my emotions.

So for example when it gets hot I'm really mad,
when it gets windy I'm really sad, and when it rains
I'm crying tears of joy for the heroes that have fallen at war.
That now can R.I.P and won't feel pain no more.
When I communicate with man it comes from the animals, plants,
and the land that will ever be bound to the Earth so ever more.

This water that so ever more expands may give you a quench for thirst,
but please understand that our Earth is just a threshold for God to communicate
by using the moon to make vibrations that lures the waves into a soothing grace.
My symbolizing was "Life Itself", so what is yours?


Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks

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