I'm Innocent


I'm lost, angry, confused and sad
Can't help it but to act so bad 
Born so innocent, eyes yet to open 
Growing up head looking down 
Spirit in a bubble so easily broken 
My smile after awhile became a frown 
I'm stressed, wary and vulnerable 
Knowing in my mind I want something more
Kept sheltered and left in the dark
Will I lift my head and have my vision clear 
Can I possibly function in a world so stark 
A world filled with hate and misery to bear
I'm awkward, nervous, quiet and small 
But ready to go outside and experience it all 
Face the jungles of society and tread my path 
Find the strength to speak up like an activist 
For the earth I'll pick a sponge and give it a bath
The problems we have a loud and won't go away- 
So no use being a pacifist 
I'm reserved, kind, beautiful and brilliant 
I might not be strong but I'm sure as hell resilient
Though I don't enjoy crowds I love Doctor Who 
Not everyone can you understand and appease
Learning that and so much more I grew 
Coming to terms with my madness I'm at peace


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