I'm Glad

Wed, 07/29/2015 - 16:26 -- cheriKB

I'm glad that
somehow we ended
up in the desert
at four in the morning
because now I know
the true blues of

I'm glad I
attempted to
steal a lemon from
Marilyn Monroe's
neighbor but failed
because I was just
a tad too short.

I'm glad I got
sunburned on the beach
to humble me away from
the notion that I'm small
enough for the
sun to forget.

I'm glad that I could
make everyone laugh
by telling them I used to
make a duck face
instead of a puppy
dog face to get
what I wanted when
I was a kid.

I'm glad I was tossed
around by the waves
feeling for once how
seaweed feels

I'm glad that I managed
to capture the perfect
moment with my friends
on the beach with
impromptu selfies.

I'm glad.


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